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  • 200 Gallon Van Mount
  • 200 Gallon Van Mount
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200 Gallon - Lawn Care Skid Sprayer - Jet Agitation - Pickup Mount -Steel Frame - D30 Pump - Electric Reel

Part# 200P-J-V-ST-30-40012-1-VM

Product Description



Our sprayers can be changed and reconfigured in virtually any way you need!


Lawn Care Skid Sprayer

-200 Gallon

-Jet Agitation

-Painted Steel Frame

-Designed to fit into a Van/Enclosed Mount

-Hypro D30 Pump

-Honda GX 160 Engine

-Hannay Electric Reel

-400' 1/2" Hose

-Chemlawn Spray Gun


Part# 200P-J-V-ST-30-40012-1-VM


Countless other sprayer configurations available,  call in and inquire! 800-365-3070

Product Videos

Lawn Care Skid Sprayer-200 Gallon-Jet Agitated-Van/Truck/Pickup/Trailer Mountable 00:27

200 Gallon Van Mount (or other vehicles) *66"x41" painted steel skid frame *200 gallon poly tank *Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump (others optional) *Honda Engine *Electric Rewind Hannay Hose Reel *300' or 400' of 3/8" or 1/2" hose *Jet Agitated Manufactured for Bradley Lawn Scape Inc, Wintersville OH Manufacturer: River Bend Industries *Website: Online PDF catalog *Location: Moorhead, Minnesota *Phone:218-236-1818 River Bend Industries (formerly Pleasure Products) has been manufacturing sprayers of all types since here in Minnesota since 1969. We have been family owned since the beginning. We ship sprayers all across the country and to some foreign countries. We pride ourselves in offering sprayers with fiberglass tanks because of all the advantages they provide over Poly or Steel. We also carry an entire line of sprayer parts, hose, spray guns, pumps, fittings, and so much more. We would be happy to help you out with any of your liquid handling needs. We also Manufacture: Lawn Care Sprayers Skid Sprayers De Icing Sprayers Horse Track Sprayers Pest Control Sprayers Bombardier Sprayers Wet Down Sprayers Dust Control Sprayers Road Side Sprayers UTV Sprayers Agricultural Sprayers Agriculture Sprayers ATV Sprayers 4 Wheeler Sprayers Polaris Sprayer Pull Type Sprayers 3-Point Sprayers 3 Point Sprayers Pickup Sprayers Lawn Care Skid Sprayer Pick Up Sprayers 2 Point Sprayers Honda Sprayers Argo Sprayers Pickup Skid Sprayers Side Mount Sprayers Plot Sprayers Fertilizer Sprayers Suzuki Sprayers Trailer Sprayers Brine Sprayers Hydroseeder Hydro seeders Kubota Sprayers Hydroseeders Nurse Tanks Nurse Tenders Fire Truck Units Arctic Cat Sprayers Turf Sprayers Ditch Sprayers Weed Sprayers Boomless Sprayers Field Sprayers Portable Sprayers Fire Sprayers Brush Fire Sprayers Tractor Sprayers Tree Sprayers And Custom Sprayers of all kinds

  • Lawn Care Skid...
    200 Gallon Van Mount (or other vehicles) *66"x41" painted stee...

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