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3-Point Sprayers

We manufacture many types of liquid application Sprayers, from small garden sprayers to pick up and utility tractor sprayers.  We have been building sprayers here in Minnesota since 1974 and have found pride in offering custom and standard designed units at a reasonable price.  We manufacture all framework and fiberglass tanks in house which allows us to meet your specific need.


 Utility 3-Point


300 Gallon Fiberglass Tank, 24' Breakaway Booms, Hydraulic Pump^


300 Gallon fiberglass Tank, Boomless, Hydraulic Pump, White Hose Reel^


Small 3-Point


50 Gallon Poly Tank, 11' Spray Pattern, Breakaway Booms, Hydraulic Pump^


50 Gallon Poly Tank, 11' Spray Pattern, Breakaway Booms, Electric Pump^


50 Gallon Poly Tank, Boomless, Triple Nozzle Bodies, Electric Pump^


  • Category 1 3-Point

Specifications and Options:

  • All Specifications are Optional, Pick and Choose
  • Breakaway Booms
    • 11 tips (18')
    • 7 Tips (11')
    • Boomless (Boom Busters or Teejet nozzles)
    • Other Custom Sizes
  • Pump
    • Hydraulic
    • PTO
    • 12 Volt Pump and Motor
  • Controller(Boom/Pressure)
    • Manual
    • Electric
  • Hose Reel
    • Color Options
  • Hose
    • Specify Length
  • Gun
    • Several Options
  • Painted Steel Frame
  • Fabricated and Designed In-House From Tank to Frame so we can Endlessly Customize to Suit Your Need
  • Freighting Available to all 50 States and Canada
  • Call to Order or get a Quote: 800-365-3070