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FMIT Pedestal Self Priming Heavy Duty

  • Volute: Cast iron rugged construction with tapped openings provided for priming, venting and draining.

  • Impeller: Semi open cast iron, non clogging, designed for water but capable of mud, sand and silt up to 10% by volume.

  • Mechanical Seal: Standard carbon/ceramic faces, Viton(*) elastomers, 300 series stainless components.

  • Bearing Frame: For bolt or direct drive with heavy sealed bearings and a keyed stainless shaft and replaceable wear plate for maintaining maximum efficiency.


Model Discharge Suction Solids Handling (in)  Order No. Weight 
FMIT-20 2" x 2" 3/4" 90230002 108
FMIT-30 3" x 3" 1" 90230003 158
FMIT-40 4" x 4" 1-3/8" 90230004 282