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Roadside Sprayers

We manufacture many types of liquid application Road Side Sprayers, from small pickup sprayers to large truck mount units.  We have been building sprayers here in Minnesota since 1974 and have found pride in offering custom and standard designed units at a reasonable price.  We manufacture all framework and fiberglass tanks in house which allows us to meet your specific need with any unit you desire.


 Road Side Sprayer



725 Gallon, Hypro Centrifugal Pump, Honda Engine, Electric Control^


500 Gallon, Dual Chamber Tank, Hypro Centrifugal Pump, Honda Engine, Electric Control^




These three photos are our 500 Gallon Truck Mount Roadside Sprayer^


400 Gallon, Hypro Centrifugal Pump, Honda Engine, Electric Control^


300 Gallon, Hypro Centrifigul Pump, Honda Engine, Hose Reel and Gun, Electric Control^

Specification and Options:

  • Rigid Fiberglass Tank (mfg in-house, repairable, durable, long lasting, custom colors, great bilboard)
  • Truck Mounted or Pickup Mounted
  • 300, 400, 500, 636, 725, 1000, 1200, and larger units available
  • Aluminum or Painted Steel Skid Frame
  • Mechanical or Jet Agitation
  • Adjustable Nozzle Position and Height
  • Electric Hose Reel Optional
  • Honda Engine
  • Boom Buster Nozzles
  • Pump (several options available)
  • Hinged Flip Lid (never lose your lid)
  • Air Gap Fill Optional
  • Fabricated and Designed In-House From Tank to Frame so we can Endlessly Customize to Suit Your Need
  • Freighting Available to all 50 States and Canada
  • Call to Order or get a Quote: 800-365-3070